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Vision Statement

Central Congregational Church’s vision is to celebrate and continue to build Christ’s Universal Church.  We are a welcoming family of faith, reflecting the teachings of Jesus Christ, open to and affirming of all God’s people.


Mission Statement

We seek to achieve our vision by:

  • Celebrating the Gospel through community worship
  • Offering a safe, loving, nurturing environment where all people may explore, develop, and enrich their spiritual lives and faith
  • Extending our ministry to the community and the world through participation in social justice and mission activities
  • Providing opportunities for spiritual, social, and religious education in order to prepare members to better fulfill our Christian calling

Leaders and Staff

Rev. Doug Watts

Rev. Doug Watts

Interim Senior Pastor


About Pastor Doug

Pastor Doug was called to serve Central as Interim Senior Pastor in October 2021.  He began his ministry as a Pastor in 1979 being called to a small country church in McCaulley, Tx.  as a 21-year-old freshman at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.  In 1996, Pastor Doug followed God’s calling to begin a ministry as a pediatric hospital chaplain.  Since that time, he has been in ministry as chaplain, pastoral educator, and department director.  Most recently and for 21 years this ministry was in the Spiritual Care Department at Children’s Medical Center here in Dallas caring for children, and those who love them. 

Kathy Lowrie

Kathy Lowrie

Minister of Music

About Kathy

Kathy Lowrie officially joined Central’s staff in September 1991, after serving as substitute organist much of the summer. She has had a lifelong passion for both music and the church. She grew up in Minnesota, where she majored in music and earned a certification in liturgical music from the College of St. Catherine. She has continued her studies through a number of graduate music courses. Kathy has enjoyed directing vocal and handbell choirs for over thirty years. While living in Minneapolis she worked as a music editor for a large church-related publisher, and also served as the director of music for a small church. In addition to her work at Central, she continues her career in church music publishing as an editor of handbell music. She has served as the president of the Greater Dallas Handbell Association, and as the vice chair of the national Handbell Industry Council. She is delighted to be a part of such a wonderful community of faith.

Svetlana Ivanchenko

Svetlana Ivanchenko

Assistant Minister of Music

About Svetlana

Svetlana Ivanchenko was born in Russia. She received a classical Music education and worked for many years as a teacher at the Music College in Russia educating professional musicians.
Svetlana moved to the US in 2008, where she evaluated her diploma through in 2009 and received her American standard Master Degree in Music. She had worked as a Music Director at the Good Samaritan Episcopal Church in Dallas for 4 1/2 years. She was also a Piano Accompanist at Samuell HS Choir and at Woodrow Wilson HS Choir with music director Kent Ellingson.

In addition to her talent as a pianist, Svetlana is a professional accordion player. She was awarded the Accordion Champion in the US on three separate occasions and in 2012 was selected to represent the US in the Roland International V-Accordion Festival in Rome, Italy. She placed 6th overall in that prestigious competition.

Svetlana has been working at Central since August 2014 as the Assistant Minister of Music sharing her beautiful musical talents with the church community.

B. Jean Kingsley-Johnson

B. Jean Kingsley-Johnson

Office Administrator

About Jean

Office Administrator at Central since March of 2015, Jean came to us with many years of experience in administration and management. Although her professional background is varied, throughout the major portion of her career she has held administrative positions within university environments in both Canada and the U.S., and served as General Manager of a Canadian educational software company (Toronto).
Since her days as a young woman, Jean had harbored a desire to serve in a church office. When the opportunity arose here at Central, although retired at the time, she happily answered the call!

A convert from Anglicanism, Jean is now a long-time Congregationalist – a joyful conversion that she and her late husband, Lee Johnson, made jointly back in December of 1992 when they joined the Central family.

Council Members

Carissa Enright

Carissa Enright



About the Moderator
The Moderator presides at all meetings of the Council, of the Operations Subcommittee, and of the congregation and provides coordination of all major church functions through guidance at council and congregational meetings.
Dee Main

Dee Main

Vice Moderator

About the Vice Moderator
The Vice Moderator assumes the functions and responsibilities of the Moderator or any other elected Council member when a member is absent. During meetings, the vice moderator ensures an accurate record of all business meetings of the congregation and of the Council.
Jim Latimer

Jim Latimer

Finance Coordinator

About the Finance Coordinator
The Finance Coordinator provides oversight and guidance to the staff and Council in managing the financial affairs of the church.
Drew Wade

Drew Wade

Outreach Coordinator


About the Outreach Coordinator
The Outreach Coordinator provides oversight and guidance with respect to outreach efforts of the church and oversee the allocation of all funds of CCC designated for outreach.
Kathy Lowrie

Kathy Lowrie

Church Life Coordinator

About the Church Life Coordinator
The Church Life Coordinator provides support for the pastoral staff with respect to fellowship and worship.
Dawn Reid

Dawn Reid

Property Coordinator

About the Property Coordinator
The Property Coordinator provides oversight with respect to maintenance of church facilities.
Laura Grace House

Laura Grace House

Education Coordinator

About the Education Coordinator
The Education Coordinator provides oversight with respect to Christian education.
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