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Adult Education

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of studies for adults, on topics that range from devotions for Lent  or Advent, to the elements of a progressive faith with our book study. Central has also hosted a Summer Series of topics ranging from Poverty in America to Mental Health issues among the homeless population.

Topics and times will vary but are announced in our church publications and posted on the church calendar.

Bible Study

Children and Youth

Whether it’s children being taught the age-old stories of the heroes and heroines of the Bible or a young person learning who they are in the God’s design, it’s a Central desire to provide a safe and loving learning environment.

Central’s youth program is a safe, nurturing, and exciting place for our young Christians to grow in their love for the Lord and their love for others. We use fun, creative ways to make the story of God and God’s people come alive in Bible stories. We explore how to apply the Love of God in their everyday, normal lives. We have quiet moments to listen when our children share their thoughts as they build their own, personal relationship with God. Our children participate in the life of the church as a whole in worship, mission and fun.

Our children join us in worship with their families at 11 am, then they are invited to go to children’s chapel and Sunday School. The classes last until the worship service is over and the children are collected by their families.

On the first Sunday of the month, when our congregation celebrates communion, however, children’s classes end early so the young people can return and receive communion with the congregation.

Our children also participate regularly in a mission outreach project.  Some of their activities have included packaging school supply bags for Church World Service, creating art to raise money as Little Stewpot Stewards and helping to assemble care packages for the homeless.


Nursery: Infants and children in preschool are invited to stay with their parents in the sanctuary during worship. If a parent or caregiver needs a quiet space to allow the child to sleep or play, there is a nursery room available for your use.


At Central, we usually observe Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month.

Ministry and Outreach

Ministry and Outreach

We are a community of faith, and worship. One of our Central values is the commitment to take our love and devotion to God and put it into action—making a real difference in the lives of people in our community and around the world. We believe that Christ’s example of acting in love is the way to advance reconciliation and wholeness in the world. Doing justice, seeking peace, embracing equality and inclusivity, and building community are Central to our identity as members of the United Church of Christ.

Community Outreach

Finding ways to provide immediate assistance and relief to those in need, as a church, we seek opportunities to move outside the walls of our building. Activities can involve tireless volunteer hours, sponsoring existing charitable organization, collecting and donating goods to those in need, or organizing congregational group mission trips. Our efforts have included support of local organizations, such as North Dallas Shared Ministries, The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, North Texas Food Bank, Family Gateway and others. In addition, we organize periodic mission trips, as well as the collection of resources in response to the emerging needs of our community. We partner with local schools, like J.J. Pershing, to provide needy students with school supplies, food, clothing items, and Holiday gifts.

Wider Church Outreach

As Central is a part of a wider network of UCC churches, at a national level, we are a part of the UCC’s “Our Church’s Wider Mission” which supports programs and disaster relief in the nation and the world.  For more information, go to

Financial Support

Central offers annual financial support to various organizations as determined by our Mission Advisory Team.  Some of the organizations that we have supported include:

Want to volunteer, donate, make an in kind donation , please contact Drew Wade at For more information about Outreach meetings and events, check our calendar page.

Music Ministry

Our music ministry, under the direction of Kathy Lowrie, offers many opportunities to praise God through choral, handbell and instrumental music. Central’s congregation has always valued music ministry and it’s role in worship. A large percentage of our church family participates in music ministry.

Our Chancel Choir rehearses on Wednesdays 7:45 – 8:45 PM during the months of September through May, and sings weekly at our 11 AM worship services. Our choir includes a wide variety of musical experience, and all who enjoy singing are welcome.

Chancel Bells rehearses at 7 PM on Wednesday evenings. Our group rings 5 octaves of Malmark handbells and handchimes, often enhanced by our low bass chimes. If you are interested in helping as a sub, or would like to be on a wait list if the group has an opening, please contact Kathy Lowrie.

Instruments of Praise consists of instrumentalists from our church family. The group rehearses and plays periodically throughout the year. If you play an instrument and would like to join in the fun, please let us know.

If you’re interested in singing in our choir, playing handbells, and/or playing another instrument, there’s a place for you.  We would welcome your participation and your presence among us.

Chancel Choir Rehearsal:  Wednesdays, 7:45 -8:45 PM

Chancel Bells Rehearsal:  Wednesdays, 7:00-7:45

Instruments of Praise:  as announced

Social Justice

At Central, we believe that Christ’s examples of acting with love and justice show the way to advance reconciliation and wholeness in the world. In addition, doing justice, seeking peace and building community are Central to our identity as members of the United Church of Christ. This work is open to all ages of our church community.

Central’s Social Justice initiatives focus on two areas: finding ways to provide immediate assistance and relief to those in need, as well as undertaking actions to end institutional injustice.

  • Our immediate assistance and relief efforts include support of local organizations. 
  • Our actions to end institutional injustice includes education and action and recognizing that uniting with others who share our values will increase our success.
    • Central has partnered with Faith in Texas to stand in solidarity with congregations across the DFW Metroplex to make an impact on social justice issues directly in our communities. Faith in Texas is a multi-racial, multi-faith grassroots movement of churches, mosques, synagogues, and laypeople in North Texas. United in values, partner organizations work together with Faith in Texas on campaigns to advance economic, racial, and social justice.

We invite you to explore the breadth and depth of the UCC’s justice work along with supporting resources on the UCC website.

Topics and times will vary but are announced in our church publications.

Other Activities

Central has become a community gathering place; proud to provide a home for the many activities during the day and evenings.

Alcoholics Anonymous Young Adult Chapter meets in Fellowship Hall every Monday evening at 7:30pm and Friday evening at 8:00pm.

Canterbury Review Club meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month from noon until 2:000pm, September through May (excluding December.)  The club sponsors literary reviews through the presentation of a work of current literature by a reviewer.  

Drug Addicts Anonymous meets in Fellowship Hall every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm.

Tai Chi – Moving Meditation the Taoist Tai Chi arts exercise the entire physiology, quiets the mind and tames the heart.  For more information, contact 1-888-385-5550.  Meeting times as follows in Fellowship Hall:

  • Tuesday & Thursday mornings – 9:30am

Interested in Participating?

We invite your participation in the life of our community of faith. Bring your time, your talents, your energy, your passion! Most importantly, bring yourself - whoever you are and wherever you are on this journey of life, love and faith. Let us journey together!

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